PLEASE HELP!! I've been searching for answers for days and I'm getting really desperate and stressed out!!! In New York City at the spring equinox there are 12 hours 8 minutes of daylight. The longest and the shortest days of the year vary by 2 hours 53 minutes from the equinox. In this year, the equinox falls on March 21. In this task, you’ll use a trigonometric function to model the hours of daylight hours on certain days of the year in New York City.Identify the independent and dependent variables.Find the amplitude and the period of the function.Create a trigonometric function that describes the hours of sunlight for each day of the year.

Accepted Solution

CHECK THE GRAPH BELOWthe amplitude will be 1/2 of the variance in day length because 2 hrs 53 min x 1/2 = 1 hr 26 1/2 min. the period is 365 days (A YEAR).If March 21st is the origin,x axis is days past March 21st and the y-axis is day length. 1.4416 is 1 hr 26 1/2 min in decimal    .9863 is the degree value of each day (360 degrees  in 365 days)  and 12.133 is the decimal equivalent of baseline equinox value of  12 hrs 8 min